2018/2019 New Years Ritual Blessing!

Start your new year right, blessed with all the best of life! Reserve your spot now for the New Years Ritual Blessing. This is the superior way to get good luck, success and wish-come-true blessings, right at a spiritually powerful moment of the calendar.

This group ritual gets you an individual blessed candle, consecrated to the name of the recipient, as well as prayer, incense, powder and talismanic work, all performed upon our altar. A personalized candle report will be sent via email after the ritual is complete. A great bargain — work of this nature typically sells for $179, but for this once a year event you can get all the blessings you need for only $34.99

New Years Eve is a ritually significant time as it involves the “in between” moment of two days, two months and two years as they shift between one another. In this liminal gap it is believed that spiritual workings are able to make their greatest impact.

Reserve your spot — limited spaces are available! All spots for the New Years Ritual must be reserved by Dec. 30th, 2017.